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Some things about the wiki

  1. You should really get mw:Extension:Echo && mw:Extension:Thanks
  2. You should include a link to the non-wiki homepage on MediaWiki:Sidebar
    • Speaking of MediaWiki:Sidebar, try to mark external links as such (since all sidebar links are plainlinks, maybe put (ext) in the displayed name?)
  3. Do you plan on having any sort of rules or anything here? May wish to document some on-wiki and off-wiki (in game?) procedures in the project namespace.
  4. You may also want to consider allowing open editing and making other wiz's or people familiar with the wiki (software/procedures) sysops (but not bureaucrats) so that they can block abusive editors.
  5. Kind of a biggie for me, I was wondering why all links on the wiki open in a new page? Or at least some of the big ones like edit?? Might want to check your settings.
  6. Also, not exactly wiki related, but is Astaria open source? I don't believe it is but I figured I'd ask. You should support HTTPS across the entire domain. Since the wiki is a subpage ( not, the same SSL cert can cover it. For just a few dollars a year to cover and

Thanks for your time and good luck! NDKilla (talk) 13:58, 20 March 2016 (UTC)