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Cylis joined the Astarian Wizardry in the early months of 2010. As a wizard in his probation period, his mentor was Kalder. The project he had selected to prove his worth as a wizard was to completely rewrite the seriously broken kill quest system of the game. Kill quests are now one of the most used features in the game as they provide a quick avenue for leveling. As a full wizard, his first real project was the weather. That's right. When most people talk about the weather but do nothing, Cylis actually did something about it. Cylis' skill with LPC saw him rise through the ranks of the Wizardry and he is now a member of Astaria's Administration. Though he spends most of his time with bug fixes, he always has time to assist another wizard with a problem or help the players, if he's able.



  1. Rewrite of the Kill Quests.
  2. Rewrite of the weather and climate systems.

In Progress

  1. Updated DGD lib (nicknamed "AROA" by wizards and "A4" by players).
  2. General bug fixes.