Formshift (racial)

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Usage:  formshift [height [taller|shorter] 
        formshift [weight <heavier|lighter>]
        formshift list all
        formshift list <feature>
        formshift select <feature>

Due to their partially demonic heritage, Lamia are capable of some rudimentary shapeshifting. Although incapable of altering their overall internal structure or altering the actual substance of their flesh, Lamia are adept at altering superficial physical properties such as hair color, eye color, height, weight or skin tone. The process of altering one's physical makeup can be somewhat taxing, and there are limits to how drastically one can alter one's primary attributes like height or weight from their natural values.

Lamia are also capable of mimicing much of the magic of Starkeep's hall of mirrors, to the point of allowing them to alter their appearance in ways not even the magic of Starkeep can, although this magic is still capable of undoing most unwanted changes should the lamia be somehow unable or unwilling to access his or her natural powers.


Almost certainly the least useful of the racial abilities, though it does allow for absurd height and weight combinations.