Jungle Area

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- Directions to Jungle area in Altheon -
- W,n,4nw,5n,4ne,n,9e,kill aven,12e,7n,e,enter mural, 2e, 7n,3e,2n, Tamba.

- Tamba -
- Has dark obsidian amulet for thieves
- Gives tserv amulets

- Launous -
- Directions to Launous from Tamba -
- 2s,e,u,4w,3n,2w
- Ep drains, heals, specials go through stuns, room is no tp (the one to the east of him isn't though. Drops nice tserv items

- Udo -
- Directions to Udo from Tamba -
- 2s,e,u,4w,2s,2e
- A unique cloak (Topaz cloak) Id's to Mind cloak for Psions and Mages other then that, tserv cloaks

- Farrida -
- Directions to Farrida from Tamba -
- 1s,2w,n,w
- Farrida is useless as far as I know, but if you ask about clarinet, I think there is a golden clarinet (bard unique) that he might pop with

- Tatjana -
- Directions to Tatjana from Tamba -
- 2s,4w,d,s,w,4s,e *door is locked* get the key from Tambas corpse
- Tatjana has a unique whip, whip of the jungle, or something of that sorts, anything that isn't vine whip.

- Area Exit -
- From Tamba, enter mural, w,7s,w,n,your at green inn in altheon-