Pirate Ship (text)

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Pirate Ship

 Head to Docks (Wharf): 25e, 2n, nw, 3n, ne, 4n

 and board any ship. Stay on deck while traveling. Do not disembark if you reach port. 
 If the Pirate Ship doesn't show, just keep riding until it appears, then "board" the ship when the pirates appear.

Main deck

   /   \
  o     o
  |     |
  o  -  X
  |     |
  o  -  n
  |\   /|
  o  o  o
  \  |  /
   \ c /

Lower Deck

    H * o - X
    p - o - F
      o  K

Main Deck Legend

X - Ship's entrance, you get on by waiting on a ferry for them to stop you then you 'board' you should also note to keep your coins in your boh when they stop you they rob you. This is also the room with the exit to the lower deck.
M - Csalthos, Magus Oceanus The mage has the coral ring, a garnet, wand of curing (wooden wand), 50 eagle and about 25k xp. From this room you can 'climb bowsprit' to get to the figurehead named Fenrik. You can bring it to life by saying his name. Once he is alive you can give him the telescope and he'll give you a silver rod (his weapon).
c - Captain's Quarters  Caprain Drinth Tarrar, When you kill him get 100 eagle, a wooden leg, a stone dagger, a set of dice, and an ornemental skull. We got a scalloped glass dagger instead of a stone dagger which seems to be a good chuckable dagger. Also when you kill him an annoying parrot follows you around until you quit. If you wield the leg and attack something with it it'll break and you get a pouch with a key in it the key is for the chest in his room and the chest is teserver. You can also bet with the captain which I haven't tried. When you open the chest always take what's in it out or it won't give you something diffrent next time.
t - Aft Deck here you can 'look instruments' then get the telescope, compass, and astrolabe. The telescope is what you give Fenrin to get the rod.
n - 'climb mast' to get into the crows nest from here. if you pull the lever you get dumped into a dingy then it dumps you randomly in the ocean.
Lower Deck Legend

s - Cargo hold room here you can search and get a glass of water, it's for making porrage in the kitchen or you can drink it for ep. Watch out for rats they can disease you.
X - Lower deck entrance.
F - First Mate's Quarters Rish'San Trahliss has a steel cutlass, and a tourmaline amulet he's worth about 40k xp , 150 eagle, a garnet and a key. The key is for the captains quarters.
T - The Avaritia's Treasure Chamber Sea cyanaea gives about 50kto get to this room you must have a coral ring, then goto the room beside it and 'push plank' a floor plank will move aside then you 'put ring in indentation' you'll get the ring back. You then can move west into the treasure room. She will attack you and it hurts you also take about 100 damage right away. From there once she is dead you can search, the room is trapped so watch out each trap did about 40 damage. You'll get assorted coins and tserver stuff. Once the monkey comes out and attacks you that ussually the last time you search, you must kill the monkey to leave. If you have a metal banana you can give it that to stop it from attacking you. Watch out for Daelids when you search, they'll crawl onto you then into any container you have (boh, thief cloak, pocket, bot, everything) to get rid of them get them out drop them on the ground and kill them. Once the monkey is dead you can push panel and go east.
K - Lower Deck Kitchen here you can 'get pot from ceiling' to recieve a pot and 'search oats' to get oat you can put the oats and water in the pot and cook them on the stove if you leave it too long you will burn them though. It will make porridge. The stove has the following commands. 'light stove', 'extinguish stove' , and put <object> on stove'. If you only put oats in the pot and put it on the stove it becomes burned goo. Dunno what that is for.
  p - Pirate sleeping quarters here you can 'search footlockers' and get a random tserver item including a metal banana.
  You can take the two garnets and put them in the skull ('put garnet in skull') then take the skull and the silver rod and 'combine rod and skull' to make a sceptre which is a good offhand for clerics it ranks 4/4.
  The pirates rank about the same as a dwarf maybe a bit harder and are all minor tservers.
  so far that's all I've found I'll post updates if I find anything more.
  *NOTE* Coins from the treasure room may be fakes. If they are in your Inv. instead of your purse they are fake and useless.
*NOTE* Parrots can be gotten rid of by going LD and reconnecting make sure you go someplace where you don't generally go beacuse if you go through the room again they'll start following you again. I suggest maybe using the offices in the abode.
*NOTE* Look for scarlets in the barrels, watch out for rats and Daelids.
*NOTE* Csalthos can melt your wielded weapons, you will want to unwield any custom or autoloading weapons.