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Shinzu is the Sakai Lich.  He is a bitch.
For comparison sakes, he hits for around 150 through an evil 36/20
Cleric Guardian.  Granted the evil Guardian doesn't absorb as much
damage as the other ones, this is still alot.

Also, it's nearly impossible to get a rez at Shinzu, due to the 
fact that to get there you have to use certain items which are not
likely to have respawned in time to get a cleric in there.

All this said, if you still want to kill him, here are directions
that will get you to him.

From the Sakai docks go e, s, 2e, 4s, all e, d, s, 2w, n
Search alot until a green slime is uncovered.  Kill it.
Search.  Get the cracked bone.

Go s, 2e, u, all w, s, w, kill akira, n, d, e, s, 3e, 3s
enter drainpipe
Kill all the swarms in this area (only 7 rooms including the ratking)
and search in each room until you find 4 golden weapons.  Then go
kill the ratking.

After the ratking is dead, <put bone in throne> and <move throne>.
Go down.

This area is basically a 2x3 area with rooms to the east and west
of the center grid... like this:


In the northernmost and southernmost rooms, there are statues in the
room descriptions.  Look at each statue and give the golden weapons 
to the appropriate ones.


Now go to the westernmost room.  Look.  Now enter mirror.  Shinzu is

There is no good strategy for killing Shinzu.  You cannot leave the
room while you are fighting him, period.  The best shot you have is
to find a nice cleric to try to turn him out, but if he fails the 
Turn then you will have to wait for all the items to respawn in order
to try again.  If the Turn is successful, Shinzu will enter the room
farthest west and you will be able to wimpy from him.  Oh, also, you
can only have one person fight Shinzu at a time... this makes it 
even harder.

If you are a cleric, sunray sunray sunray.  But be warned, Shinzu has
TONS of hps.  If you haven't prepared (i.e. brought potions and food
for your sp) you will run out of sp for sunray and eventually die.

If you are a thief and you cannot get a cleric to turn him, you have
a couple of choices.  You can backstab him and hope that you can get
some confuses off before he hits you with a special (unlikely unless
you are a VERY high level) or you can confuse him right off the bat
(while shadowed) and forego the backstab.  Beyond that, make sure you
have LOTS of sp potions to keep your dodge up and either a cleric on
hand to heal you or some hp potions.  

Shinzu is a tough mob, but defeating him yields 280 eagle, an ebon
horn and a silver horn (the fabled Lich horns).



Special Notes:
Lich horns have a timer.. you can't use two ebon horns within 5 seconds
(I believe) of each other.  Likewise for silver horns.  And the horns
themselves have a long timer.. This is to prevent 30 horn pk attacks.
Also, you must be at least level 5 to use Lich horns.. this is to 
prevent someone from giving a heritage player 50 horns to off a
36/20 player.