Vestachelon Cemetery

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Row after row of tombstones cast their long, dark shadows. Some are so old and weathered that the words engraved on them are illegible, while others are choked and hidden by overgrown foliage.  All share that quality of craftsmanship that speaks of wealth despite their age.  Belying the many signs of neglect and abandonment, you find evidence of recent digging amongst the graves, along with littered bits of broken glass and some intact bottles.  A gentle dusting of ash, accompanied by scorch marks on stones and plants, covers the ground in places.

Location (Map):

West of Astaria, follow path west of Pastoral Meadows.

Zone Quests:

Quest Giver: Shilar - found outside of the south gate of the cemetery. | Friar Kessle - found outside of the east gate of the cemetery

  • Kill Quest : Ghast - (kq_vest2)
    • After helping Shilar with the moaning skeletons, he is looking to take his revenge on the Vestachelon family to the next level. Ghasts are members of the Vestachelon bloodline that have died and he wants to see to it that they don't get to continue their time here. Speak with Shilar again and see if you can be of aid.       Note: You must have completed 'kq_vest1' before you can do this.
  • Kill Quest : Skeletons - (kq_vest1)
    • The Vestachelon family line has always kept their servants around after death.  Shilar, a previous servant of the family (in life), now wants to enlist the help of adventurers to help end their service to the Vestachelon family.
  • Vestachelon Cemetery Quest - (vest)
    • The good Friar Kessle has sought the help of adventurers to rediscovered Vestachelon Cemetery, far to the west of Astaria.Unfortunately, none of the adventurers that were helping him have returned.

Monster List: